April 2011

Cathy just returned from the RT Booklovers Convention in beautiful Los Angeles, California. It was an AMAZING time and went by in a blur. There were hundreds of authors there and thousands of people, so it's hard to remember everything that happened over five event-filled days. Here are some pictures she took there so you can share the experience:

Here’s a pic from Cathy’s room on the 11th floor of the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles. Pretty, huh?

Here are a few pictures of some of the author friends Cathy ran into while she was there:

Shannon K. Butcher

Shannon Butcher attended with her niece who wants to become an author. It was her first RT event and her wide eyes told the tale without a word. Fortunately, with Aunt Shannon and Uncle Jim helping out along with the great classes available at cons like this, it won’t be long before you see her books on the shelf!

Linnea Sinclair & L.E. Modesitt

Linnea Sinclair was celebrating the making of her novel, THE DOWN HOME ALIEN BLUES into a movie! The director and some of the cast members attended her annual “Intergalactic Bar & Grille” party. Cathy wasn’t able to get any photos of them because they arrived late into the event and it was a little too busy to run around and take pictures. But it was a great time! Here’s Linnea with legendary SFF author L.E. Modesitt just before the party started.

Cathy with Jade Lee at the party.

Jade Lee is not only a terrific author but a very funny, charismatic woman. She was keeping the crowd wildly entertained at the Intergalactic party.

Cathy’s Masquerade gown

Here’s Cathy’s gown for the Faery Ball. The costumes were spectacular this year. Here are a few:

Faery Ball. Wow! Look at those steampunk wings! Too cool!

Faery Ball. The fae men are really getting into the spirit of the event. Are these wings, or are these WINGS?!

Faery Ball. This picture of Shannon’s stunning gown doesn’t really do it justice.

Faery Ball

Faery Ball

Here’s buddies Susan Grimshaw, formerly the Borders book buyer, who is now an editor at Ballentine, with Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly book blogger. Barbara was celebrating that her 4th anniversary blog netted an astounding 22,000 comments, a new record at PW for an individual blog entry! You go, Barbara!

Cathy ran into a ton of people at the annual Book Fair. P.N. Elrod shows off her “Pioneer” Award, given by the magazine for her contribution to the paranormal genre. She’s in good company, as Piers Anthony was among the winners of past Pioneer awards.

Cathy’s roommate for the event, famed mystery and paranormal author, Carole Nelson Douglas, was the proud recipient of the Career Achievement Award in the Mystery category, while pal Rachel Caine received that same award for Urban Fantasy.


May 2010

We are happy to announce that we have negotiated another three-book deal with Tor/Forge, so you can expect to keep seeing books under our new pen name Cat Adams for some time in the future. Yay!

Also, the publisher has indicated that they want to send us out on a mini-tour for appearances supporting Blood Song, primarily for weekend appearances to cities in the southwest.  (They may even send us up to Denver.)  

We’ll give you more details as they become available.


July 2009

As you can see, one of the biggest bits of news is our new website design.  We love the look and hope that you'll take a few moments to explore.

August 4 is the release date for Cold Moon Rising.  Tony Giodone is back -- and life couldn't be more interesting for him -- in that ancient Chinese curse sort of way.  Order your copy now!

July 27th Laurell K. Hamilton will be the Visiting Dignitary on our blog.  Please stop by Paraoddity and check it out. 

The next books appearing under our joint pen name of CAT ADAMS will be the Blood Singer series coming in 2010.  If you haven't seen our previous CAT ADAMS novel, Magic's Design, it's in stores now. 

We were honored to be invited and have agreed to serve on the Faery Court for the RT Conference in Columbus for 2010.  Hope to see you there!

We will also be attending various Cons over the next few months.  Keep an eye on our blogs, and watch the newsletter for dates and locations.


We received the Career Achievement Award in Paranormal Romance from Romantic Times.


February 2009

We are very excited to announce our new pen name, which will appear for the first time on our upcoming novel Magic's Design due out in February, 2009. The book is available for pre-order now, so get your copy ordered early.

Also in the news, we completed the Levy "Read This" Tour where we visited Meijer stores in the greater Detroit area. It was a wonderful time, and we are very grateful to the Levy organizers and the Meijer store managers for making it possible for us to participate. Anyone who wants autographed copies of our books should check out the Meijer stores in the Detroit area or contact Waldenbooks at the Sunset Mall in San Angelo, Texas.

We have been happy to participate in a number of anthologies in recent months, including the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance and the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance. Both of these anthologies were originally published in the UK, but are available for order in the U.S. as well.

We just finished negotiating a new contract with Tor for both a new urban fantasy series and a Sazi.

And last, but definitely not least, we are proud to announce that we have been nominated for the following Romantic Times Bookclub Awards:

Best Paranormal Romantic Suspense: Touch of Darkness

Career Achievement/Paranormal Romance